Stop the endless war

Help stop the American war machine by signing for a small chance of being conscripted. Join us to get the law changed to ensure that not just the poor fight our wars for us. Make the 1% responsible for their actions!


But how

Wars are not fought by the 1% and their loved ones. Few of the 1% have died in a war, been injured or barely inconvenienced. Wars are fought by the the poor, far from the 1%'s hearts and minds.


When the 1% are barely inconvenienced, how easy it is for us as a country to be belligerent, to continue fighting when we should be acting as peace makers. It is this the lack of personal risk by those that profit from the military machine that allows it to grow every larger, fighting ever more wars at others expense.


Universal conscription, setup in a way that does not allow for exceptions, is a way to make the 1% take notice, to think carefully before putting their loved ones in harms way.

To bring attention to this I propose that we do something concrete and meaningful. I propose that we signup to be part of a conscription pool - a pool that conscripts are drawn from when we pass a law reinstating universal conscription. Of course there is only a small chance that someone would be selected from a large pool, but by signing up they are making a significant stand by placing yourself at risk. Such as stand will be harder to ignore, harder to sweep aside.


Join us!


Our Proposal

Starting in 2017, half of all new army recruits must be conscripts. All signups to are added to the pool of potential conscripts along with all 18 year olds in the USA. A transparent, random process selects the N candidates required by the military. If selected, there is no extenuating circumstances, and conscripts will be in for a 3 year stint. If you signed up via, you will receive:

  • a salary at your highest tax reported income over the last 4 years + 25%, and
  • a substantial life insurance policy, and
  • senate-level health care

Even if you are physically incapable of doing some types of work, the army will need to accommodate you.


After the first three draft years, those in are no longer part of the draft, but all 18 year-old continue to be in the selection pool.


If you are younger than 18, you can still sign-up, although you won't be part of the pool. Show those who are older than you that you care enough to take citizenship seriously and that simply continuing un-ending war is not the way of the future.


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